BSN CellMass: An Effective Creatine Product

CellMass is a creatine ethyl ester product made by BSN, a leading supplier in nutritional supplements in the bodybuilding and fitness world. I have purchased a few tubs of this product for one simple reason. It’s one hell of a product. To begin with, and probably one of the most important factors in a flavoured supplement is the taste. I bought the arctic berry blast flavour of this product and I was extremely impressed with it. With a word of a lie I could drink this stuff for fun, it tasted great, a definite 10/10 for the taste. Another effective factor in a powdered supplement is how well the product mixes. This was a bit of a letdown as there was always, some grain left at the bottom of the bottle, although not unpleasant to drink the grain it would be better if there wasn’t any after giving it a good mix. I don’t think I managed to mix the creatine once without being left with grain at the bottom, even if it wasn’t all that much.

The second winning piece of this product is how effective it is. As a creatine ethyl ester it requires no loading phase and you can feel the results almost the same day in the gym. I noticed substantial recovery after the gym, usually when I come out I feel exhausted, but after drink this JYM pre workout I felt great, almost ready to do another workout again. In the gym was the same, no sooner had I just put down the weights I felt ready to go again with my next set, I had to actually watch the clock to make sure I had sufficient amount of rest before continuing with my next exercise. And as the weeks go on the results become more obvious, including increased weights on all three major lifts – Squat, deadlift and bench press. Since you only require a small scoop of the powder the tub actually goes a long way, it actually lasted much longer than I anticipated, which was fantastic.

I am also glad it lasted so long due to the price, the only let down of this product. I may be moaning at nothing, seen as the powder did last just over a month but it is considered and expensive product compared to other creatines out there, not comparing to creatine monohydrates though.

Over all I was extremely pleased with this creatine ethyl ester product, I am even on my 8th or so tub. Although I would highly recommend this product I would suggest a creatine monohydrate product to newcomers or people who have not used a creatine product before as they can sometimes be just as effective.